Next City Council Meeting - February 26th at 7pm   City Hall Phone # 541-459-2856

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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteers are vital to the success of our City and our community.  Ongoing opportunities with the City of Sutherlin can provide Sutherlin citizens from all walks of life and abilities to become active and involved in City government.

We believe that:

  • Our community is strengthened by individuals who are committed and want to give back to their community.
  • Volunteering improves citizens’ accessibility to government and educates them in the protocol and transparency.
  • Service is an effective strategy for seeing how government agencies operate and solve problems.
  • Opportunities for all volunteers to have sense of  community where everyone is valued and welcomed.
  • Volunteers make our community stronger, increases government effectiveness and creates benefits for citizens, including being more informed, engaged, and feeling valued and appreciated.

Contact numbers and emails for:

Council Committee's, such as Budget, Parks, Planning Commission  - Diane Harris, City Recorder, 541.459.2856 or email a   Application form click here!

C. Giles Hunt Library - Pat Lynch, Library Operations Manager - 541.459.9161 or email at   Library Volunteer Application click here!

- Gayla Holley, Police Office Supervisor/Dial-a-Ride Supervisor - 541.459.2211 or email at

Sutherlin Fire Department - Volunteers - Interim Fire Chief, Doug Dawson - 541.459.1394 or email at    Volunteer Firefighter Application click here!