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Community Development Documents & Forms

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Buildable Lands Inventory1 document

  • Buildable Lands Inventory
    document Header Buildable Lands Inventory

Comprehensive Plan1 document

  • Comprehensive Plan 1990-91
    document Header Comprehensive Plan 1990-91

Driveway, Sidewalk & Right of Way Permits3 documents

  • Driveway / Sidewalk Permit
    document Header Driveway / Sidewalk Permit
  • Driveway / Sidewalk Specs
    document Header Driveway / Sidewalk Specs
  • Public Right of Way Permit
    document Header Public Right of Way Permit

Master Plans - Parks, Transportation, Wastewater, Water, etc...10 documents

Ford's Pond Master Plan1 document

  • Ford's Pond Master Plan
    document Header Ford's Pond Master Plan

IAMP - Interchange Area Management Plan1 document

  • IAMP
    document Header IAMP

Parks & Open Space Plan1 document

  • Park & Open Space Master Plan
    document Header Park & Open Space Master Plan

Southside Corridor Plan1 document

  • Southside Parkway Corridor Plan
    document Header Southside Parkway Corridor Plan

Storm Drainage Master Plan1 document

  • Storm Drainage Master Plan
    document Header Storm Drainage Master Plan

Transportation System Plan (TSP)3 documents

  • TSP Volume I
    document Header TSP Volume I
  • TSP Volume II
    document Header TSP Volume II
  • TSP Volume III
    document Header TSP Volume III

Wastewater Facilities Plan1 document

  • Wastewater Facilities Plan
    document Header Wastewater Facilities Plan

Water Master Plan1 document

  • Water Master Plan
    document Header Water Master Plan

Planning Pre-Application Worksheet4 documents

  • Commercial/Industrial Development Checklist
    document Header Commercial/Industrial Development Checklist
  • Planning Pre-Application Worksheet
    document Header Planning Pre-Application Worksheet
  • Residential Development Site Plan Requirements
    document Header Residential Development Site Plan Requirements
  • Supplemental Conditions (required for all worksheets)
    document Header Supplemental Conditions (required for all worksheets)

Street Tree Management Plan1 document

  • Street Tree Management Plan
    document Header Street Tree Management Plan

WWTP Value Engineering2 documents

WWTP Value Engineering Analysis1 document

  • Value Engineering Analysis
    document Header Value Engineering Analysis

WWTP Value Engineering PowerPoint1 document

  • Value Engineering PowerPoint
    document Header Value Engineering PowerPoint

Water System Development Charges1 document

  • Water System Development Charges
    document Header Water System Development Charges

Business Registration1 document

  • Business Registration Form
    document Header Business Registration Form

Online Interactive Map1 document

  • Interactive City Map
    document Header Interactive City Map

Sutherlin Development Code1 document

  • Sutherlin Development Code
    document Header Sutherlin Development Code

Zone Map4 documents

    document Header ZONE MAP
  • Zoning Map (central area)
    document Header Zoning Map (central area)
  • Zoning Map (east)
    document Header Zoning Map (east)
  • Zoning Map (west of I-5)
    document Header Zoning Map (west of I-5)