Adopted Budget

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                                                                             2021-2022 Budget Message

Mayor McKnight, City Council Members, Citizen Members of the Budget Committee and Sutherlin Citizens:

This proposed budget is the ninth one during my time here in Sutherlin. It mirrors wording I have used in
previous years simply because it remains applicable during a difficult and complex operational environment.

The 2021‐2022 FY Budget is once again the beneficiary of our unfailing methodology in keeping core
operational costs within or below total assigned dollars as compared to the previous year. Therefore, this
budget reflects our determined discipline with this approach. The challenge we consistently face is in keeping
operational costs in line with or lower than the previous year. This requires implementing a strategy that will
recognize and react accordingly to any projected increases with resource demands in various areas of city

Other than traditional debt to income ratios, the simple and fundamental mechanism in determining the fiscal
condition of any city can be determined by analyzing two key budgetary elements: 1) Trends in beginning cash
compared to the lowest acceptable level in order to pay our bills from July to November. In our case,
Sutherlin’s minimal beginning cash is approximately $950,000. When looking at the beginning cash trends,
you will see consistent growth with an anticipated $2.7M in this FY ($3.5M including A.R.P monies); and 2) the
financial strength to set monies aside for known future needs by way of reserve funds. This budget, in
response to this vital need and by direction of City Council, has initiated reserve set‐aside funds in most every
critical city operation to include urban renewal.

One very important and final point I wish to express is how, as a team, the citizens of Sutherlin and our united
city staff/council partnership has overcome Snowmageddon in 2019, the wildfires and now COVID‐19 in 2020.
It is truly this unity that demonstrates the incredible perseverance necessary for establishing our enduring
financial stability and resilience for the year‐to‐year betterment of our community.
As always, I am very pleased to be part of the team at the City of Sutherlin and look forward to presenting the
2021‐2022 budget to you.

Your staff shall be prepared to answer any questions you may have in the budget deliberation process.


Jerry Gillham – City Manager

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