Burn Information

Burn Information

2022 FIRE SEASON STARTS:  JUNE 24, 2022 


burn-barrel3      Outdoor Burning

No person shall cause or allow any condition which causes a nuisance. No person responsible shall burn in wood stoves, fireplaces, burn barrels or carry out outdoor burning of any trash, garbage, construction debris, copper wire insulation removal, pallets or combustibles such as tires, building materials, flammable materials, household waste, paper, cardboard, clothing, plastic, diapers, Styrofoam or other noxious materials, or the burning of any other materials specifically prohibited by local, state or federal laws at any time of the year. You assume all liability and financial risk while burning.

Outdoor burning seasonal ban

It is prohibited to start or maintain any outdoor fire during fire season as determined by Douglas Forest Protective Association (DFPA) of each calendar year. www.dfpa.net 

trash      Yard debris burning restrictions.

“Yard debris” is limited to wood, needle or leaf materials from trees, shrubs or plants from the real property appurtenant to a dwelling of not more than four living units so long as such debris remains on the property of origin. Once yard debris is removed from the property of origin, it is no longer considered yard debris. Yard debris outdoor burning may be allowed during non-fire season as determined by Douglas Forest Protective Association (DFPA) of each calendar year, as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. Yard debris only.
  2. The burn will be supervised and constantly attended by an adult.
  3. Burning will take place only when wind direction will not adversely affect visibility on roadways or downwind from occupancies.
  4. Vegetation will be cleared a minimum of fifteen (15) feet around piles prior to burning.
  5. Only one burn pile is allowed to burn at a time per property.
  6. Use of burn barrels is prohibited.
  7. No utility lines are located overhead.
  8. A garden hose is connected to a water supply and readily available to extinguish the fire.
  9. No open flames on or within twenty-five (25) feet of any structure and/or within fifteen (15) feet from a fence.
  10. The total fuel area is no more than four (4) feet in width by four (4) feet in length by four (4) feet in height.
  11. The burning is ignited after 07:30 hours and extinguished two hours before sunset.


Sutherlin Fire Department may inspect open burning by spot inspection, upon request or complaint. If burning is in violation of restrictions or a nuisance is created, enforcement action may be taken.


A violation of any restrictions is punishable by fine not to exceed one thousand dollars ($1,000). In establishing the fine, the court shall consider if the violator has abated the nuisance.

Calapooia Fire District

Calapooia Fire District residents will be required to follow all DFPA rules on outdoor burning. Please look up their requirements at www.dfpa.net/ or call 541-672-6507.



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