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Planning & Development Documents & Permits

Planning Fee Schedule Oct 2018

Comprehensive Plan 1990-91
Planning Pre-Application Worksheet City Map
Driveway / Sidewalk Permit

Ford's Pond Master Plan  
WWTP Value Analysis Plan

WWTP Value Engineering Analysis

WWTP Value Engineering PowerPoint
Zoning Map

Wastewater Facilities Plan  

WWTP Pre-Design Report
WWTP Pre-Design Drawings
Buildable Lands Inventory Southside Corridor Plan 
  Street Tree Management Plan  
  Water System Development Charges
  Transportation System Plan  
IAMP - Interchange Area Management Plan Water Master Plan  2006

Water Master Plan 2017 
Storm Drainage Master Plan Parks & Open Space Plan
Table of Contents     Chapter 3 - Design Standards   
Chapter 1 - Introduction Chapter 4 - Application Review Procedure
Chapter 2 - Zoning Districts Chapter 5 - Exception to Code Standards

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