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Dial-A-Ride Volunteers Needed!

Do you have a few extra hours in your week to become a volunteer in your community?
The Sutherlin Dial-A-Ride program could use your help. We have a continuous need for drivers.
As a driver you would help citizens in your community get to all the places they need to go such as: doctor or dentist appointments, beauty and barber shops, banks, laundromats, events at the senior center, grocery stores, and more.
If you are interested in becoming a volunteer please contact Gayla Holley at the Sutherlin Police Department for additional information at 541-459-2211.


City of Sutherlin Emergency Operations Plan or EOP   Click Here!

rx tossDo you have meds you need to get rid of because you don't take them anymore or perhaps they've expired? Sutherlin Police Department has a drop box for you to deposit them in and keep them from the hands of a child or unwanted user.  Pills only, no liquids, ointments, aerosols, or needles.  Come by from 8-5pm Monday through Friday and our staff will help you with this.  

MCFingerprinting - $25
Please call for an appointment at 541-459-2211     
**Appointments are only available on Wednesdays**

jHome Security 101 - Have you taken inventory lately? Even our households need to have an "inventory" from time to time. Not necessarily to see how much is expended (that could be depressing!) but to know what and where the items of value are in our home in the event of a theft, fire or other disaster.
The home inventory is your opportunity to take a "tour" of your home and prepare a list of everything of value (or updating your current list) so that if something would happen you could provide law enforcement and insurance providers with details of every item that is stolen or damaged.
Create a list that will include the following pieces of information for every item of value in your home, such as: Location of item, Make (who manufactured it), Model (name and number), Color, Other descriptive items, Purchase amount and Serial number.
Now, take out the camera or video camera and take pictures/video of each of those items. This will assist greatly in proving replacement and identifying the items if they were found or recovered. Make a photocopy of your list/photos and keep one copy at home in a safe location and the other at a location other than your home (in case your home is lost in a disaster).

snowbirdAre you a snowbird? Do you have vacation time coming up? Business taking you out of town? You can request the PoliceDepartment do security checks on your home. Simply fill out our form and mail, email, fax, or bring into the Police Department. For more information contact us at 541-459-2211. Click here for the Vacation/Security Check form.


identity theftFRAUD ALERT - IDENTITY more

garage salePer City Code 8.24.020 - Except for signs authorized by the city manager, any sign placed in any public way, or on any structure, traffic device, building or utility pole in the public way is declared to be a nuisance. For complete explanation Click here!
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