126 E Central Ave, Sutherlin, OR 97479

Core Values

Core Values


Our Mission is achieved through the following the three pillars of our core values:
The Sutherlin Police Department is committed to excellence in every task we undertake. The
Department is a leader in the police service profession with quality of service to the community
as a priority. The Department is committed to utilizing the philosophy of partnerships and problem
solving in all professional endeavors.

We provide quality service to our community and assist other agencies to the best of our ability.
We will be a positive role model by being truthful, honest and dependable in all actions we
take. In providing professional service we are committed to proficiency, reliability, and excellence
in all aspects of our conduct and performance. We fulfill our mission by being accountable to
our community, our Department and to one another. We embrace the ethical standards of our
profession by exhibiting a courteous, conscientious and business-like manner in all of our actions.

We are dedicated to the organization, each other, our families, and the citizens we serve. We are
dedicated to working in partnerships with the community and each other to reduce crime, enhance
customer service, and improve quality of life. We are committed to excellence and strive to provide
the highest quality of professional law enforcement service to the community with the ultimate goal
of maintaining order. We are dedicated to our core values and to upholding our oath of office.