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General Election - City of Sutherlin Candidate Page

                                The City of Sutherlin has received 4 applications for candidacy for the
                                                               November 3rd general election! 

                                                   Todd McKnight will be on the ballot for Mayor!
                                                Seth Vincent, Joe Groussman, and Larry Whitaker
                                                          will be on the ballot for City Councilors!

todd mcknight.websiteMeet Todd McKnight
Todd is currently serving his 3rd term as Mayor of Sutherlin.  He has been a City Councilor, Planning Commission member, Sutherlin Water Control Board member, Transportation Committee member and also served on the Transient Room Tax/Tourism Committee.  Todd serves on the Budget Committee as well.

All of Todd's involvement with Sutherlin is volunteer.  He feels it's important to be involved with all of the civic groups.  He is also very involved with Sutherlin Schools such as youth sports and activities.

"I want to continue to serve my community and keep working on creating an atmosphere of teamwork between City Council, Staff, and citizens.  My goal has been to make Sutherlin a place we are all proud to call home."

GroussmanMeet Joe Groussman
Joe is currently serving his 2nd term on the Budget Committee.  He has many years of political and municipal experience such as: Integrating phases of Public Safety Communications systems for Homeland Security, States, Counties and City Municipalities, as well as large commercial organizations throughout the United States; Sutherlin Municipal Court -Community Service Program Supervisor; Electronics and Communications Superintendent for Orange County, CA.; and served in the US Airforce as a Crypto-Intellegence Reconnaissance Operator.  Joe served two tours in Vietnam, one tour in Korea and three tours in South American countries.

Joe volunteers in many community groups.  He is the Vice-President of the Sutherlin Downtown Development/Urban Renewal Committee - organized the 'HomeTown Hero' banner implementation; Knolls Estates Home Owners Association - President for two terms; DC Amron member - Sutherlin Disaster Preparedness Group; Sutherlin School District - Veteran Appreciation Day presenter; and Klahanie Owners Association - board member and Committee Director.

Joe would like to see more community involvement with Sutherlin residents.  "I believe it takes more than the same few volunteers to complete all the proposed effort and project requirements needed within Sutherlin."  Joe prides himself on upholding the philosopy: If we want a GOOD community, and we want POSITIVE CHANGES, we must take PART.

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