City Council Meeting  - Monday, December 9, 2019 at 7:00pm

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City Recorder/Human Resources Manager

Diane Harris, CMC, City Recorder/HR Manager   Welcome!
DIANE HARRIS 2018.2The City Recorder / Human Resources Manager performs professional administrative and analytical duties supporting the activities of the City Manager, Mayor, City Council, Boards, Committee's and Commission; acts as Records Manager and serves as the City's Election Officer.  She acts as a "hub" for many of the departments providing project research, procedural support for preparation of staff reports, ordinances, resolutions, as well as the public notification process. Other areas of responsibility include processing liquor license applications, gaming licenses, public records requests, provides information and assistance as requested and upholds and implements municipal policies adopted by elected officals, and provides general public information.  The Recorder acts as a compliance officer for federal, state and local statutes, including Oregon Public Meetings Law, Oregon Public Records Law, Oregon Ethics Laws, and Oregon and local elections laws. The City Recorder serves as a member of the Management Team and works closely with the City Manager, Deputy City Recorder, and the other Department Heads. 

As the Human Resources Manager, she directs the personnel benefits and support services programs; assisting with policy activities, including recruitment, compensation, benefits, training, employee orientation, services, and assures compliance with state and federal laws.  City of Sutherlin's City Recorder and  Human Resources Manager, is Diane Harris, CMC. Diane has been with the City since August of 2001. She is a member of OAMR (Oregon Assn of Municipal Recorders) and IIMC (International Institute of Municipal Clerks) both since 2013. Diane recently obtained the level of Certified Municipal Clerk designation. So a CMC now follows her name.

You can contact Harris at (541) 459-2856 ext. 207 - Monday through Friday 8am-5pm or email her at  In her absence please contact City Manager, Jerry Gillham, at ext. 223 or Deputy City Recorder, Melanie Masterfield,  at ext. 208 or