Emergency Management

Emergency Management Purpose & Background


The purpose of the Sutherlin EOC (Emergency Operations Center) is to provide a continuity of government, as well as, to provide emergency resource needs after a declared city emergency or disaster.

As Sutherlin Emergency Manager, it is my duty to prepare Sutherlin to be able to maintain our cohesiveness as a community before, during, and after a disaster. 

A major program the Office of Emergency Management is promoting is called "Map Your Neighborhood".  It is an organized way to bring neighbors together and assist one another to increase the survival rate after a disaster. Please contact us for further information and materials to get your neighborhood prepared for the next disaster! Additional information regarding "Sutherlin Neighborhood Ready" and the explanatory brochure are located at the left of this page, and the link to the national Neighborhood Ready website is located in the "Resources" section at the bottom of this page.

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