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Sutherlin Fire Department

No-Fires1280x720_00719C00-UATVS _OP_1_CP__1525925612708.jpg_11436502_ver1.0_1280_720Fire Season starts June 11th in Douglas County. 

Welcome to the Sutherlin Fire Department's web page!
250 S. State Street
Mailing address: 126 E. Central Avenue
Phone: 541.459.1394

Fire Chief, Mike Lane

We are a Combination Paid & Volunteer Fire Department that is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This is accomplished with approximately 19 volunteers, which includes 6 Students, 3 Battalion Chiefs, a Deputy Chief, and the Fire Chief.

Fire Swear In - Oath of Office

A big congratulations and welcome to our newly sworn in Volunteer and Student Volunteer Firefighters. L to R - Craig Seekins, Tiffany Paz, Kaysandra Mauna (student), Britnee Southworth (student), Alex Kennedy (student), Joseph Barclay (student) and Skyler Harrington (student).  All volunteers were administered the Code of Conduct and Oath of Office, Thursday, July 11th! Welcome!!
Sutherlin Fire Dept
Mike Lane
Scott Mc Knight.3 Fire Chief, Mike Lane                                                      Deputy Chief, Scott McKnight

                                                      Battalion Chiefs 

 Avery Hazzard.2jpg    Dan McCormick.pic 3  BRANDAN MC GARR 2  
       Avery Hazzard                       Dan Mc Cormick                     Brandan McGarr

We are always seeking good volunteers! Please fill out an application and bring to the fire station.

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SUTHERLIN FIRE DEPARTMENT is offering Firefighter scholarships! 
 Click here for the flyer.   Click on above for Volunteer Fire Applications!

suth fire
 Public Safety Appreciation 2017

 fire staff & crew for 9.11 ceremony  20170504_181508  
 fire easter 2017  suth fire 4  
 Sutherlin Fire Department 5  suth fire 3  

Firephoto April 2017