Oregon offers globally competitive tax incentives to encourage businesses to locate in Oregon, as well as existing Oregon businesses to grow and prosper.    

Enterprise Zones — In exchange for locating or expanding in an enterprise zone, businesses receive exemption from local property taxes on new plant and equipment for at least three years (but up to five years) in the standard program. In addition, many zones can offer special incentives for investments in long-term rural facilities or electronic commerce operations. Sutherlin industrial lands are in a designated Enterprise Zone.    

Sutherlin Sites 11-16 —  Are identified “High Priority” sites by the State of Oregon and as such when a development is proposed on these lands, state-wide resources are to be focused upon assisting in the support and delivery of incentives and accelerating the permitting process through a special council.    

Strategic Investment Program — The Strategic Investment Program exempts a portion of very large capital investments from property taxes for 15 years. The program is available statewide.      

Construction-in-Process — With timely filing for each of up to two years, unfinished facility improvements may be exempt from local property taxes. In an enterprise zone, most authorized businesses enjoy a somewhat broader tax abatement using another form.       

The Oregon Investment Advantage —This program helps businesses start or locate in a number of Oregon counties by providing a multi-year, income tax (on new business operations) deduction potentially eliminating state business tax liability during an eight - or nine-year period after operations begin.    

Employer-provided Dependent Care Tax Credit — A 50% income tax credit for the annual cost of assisting employees with childcare and similar needs.       

Work Opportunity Tax Credit — a federal tax credit incentive that Congress provides to private-sector businesses for hiring individuals from target groups who have consistently faced significant employment barriers.      

Research Tax Credits — Corporate income tax credit for qualified research and basic research conducted each year in Oregon, as a state-level extension to the federal R&D tax credits.    

Film & Video Incentives — Oregon offers a host of incentive programs for film and video productions taking place in the state. Incentive programs rebate:
• 20% of the production's Oregon-based goods and services
• An additional cash payment of up to 16.2% of wages paid to production personnel

Unlike other states' programs, these incentives are cash rebates as opposed to tax credits. This simplifies and speeds up the rebate process.    

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