Public Works - Operations & Utilities

Public Works Operations - Facilities & Utilities

** Nonpareil Water Treatment Plant (NPWTP) Construction Update **

Upgrades to the Nonpareil Water Treatment Plant began in 2021 to address antiquated and outdated infastructure. Improvements to the main water treatment plant process areas were completed this spring (2023) and the plant was placed back into operation in early July. Miscellaneous site work improvements will be comleted during the remainder of the summer. No additional water treatment plant shut-downs are planned. Final project is scheduled to be comleted by the end of  2024.  

Sutherlin Public Works Department consists of Facilities and Operations, Water Treatment,
and Wastewater Treatment

Public Works Facilities/Operations Shop is located at 1020 S Calapooia St.  Business hours are from 7am to 3:30pm, Monday through Friday.  The mission for Public Works is to provide essential infrastructure and utility services to the citizens of Sutherlin in a prompt, courteous, safe, and cost effective manner. The Public Works Departments are responsible for operating public infrastructure in a way that respects the environment and provides the ability of government to adequately preserve these assets for future generations. 

If you need assistance after hours, contact non-emergency police dispatch at 541-440-4471 and they will assist you.

To contact the Public Works Operations Shop call  541-459-3542 or you can email  Public Works Director, Aaron Swan at or Facilities Division Supervisor, Gary Fugate at  for the following information:

  • Water breaks
  • Sewer back-up
  • Water Meters
  • Water connections (new services installed)
  • Sewer connections (new services installed)
  • Flooding
  • Potholes
  • Traffic signs down
  • Traffic signs needed
  • Parks maintenance
  • Backflow Device - CLICK HERE for more information
  • Dead animals within City of Sutherlin roadways
  • Street Sweeping - CLICK HERE for schedule (subject to change without notification)
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Utilities Department - 
The main office for both Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants are located at the Wastewater Treatment Plant at 4306 Stearns Lane.   To contact the Main Office call 541-459-5768 or email  Water Supervisor, Alan Taylor -  or Wastewater Supervisor, Jody Gardner - 

                                        Aerial Viewsof Wastewater Treatment Plant located on Stearns Lane
WWTP Aerial 1Wasterwater Treatment Plant Aerial - Copy 

                                     2022 photo of Ford's Pond - Class A water
Ford's Pond Overview  

Wastewater Treatment Plant - 4306 Stearns Lane

Sutherlin's Water Treatment Plants are located at Nonpareil and  at Cooper Creek Reservoir

Oct   CCWTPCooper Creek Water Treatment Plant - 496 Edgewater Drive

NP Treatment Plant (4)
NP Treatment Plant (2)

Nonpariel Water Treatment Plant - 8801 Nonpareil Road