Committee & Board Members

Council Advisory Committees

1 vacancy on the Budget Committee
- term ending December 31, 2025.
4 vacancies on the Library Advisory Board
- Three terms ending December 31, 2026; and one term ending December 31, 2028. 

If you are interested in joining a committee, place click on the "Application to Apply" below.

Questions can be directed to City Recorder, Melanie Masterfield at or call 541-459-2857.

Budget Committee
If you have any questions, please contact Finance Director, Tami Trowbridge at 541-459-2857 or 

The Budget Committee meets 1 - 4 times in the spring with dates announced by Finance Director.
Terms are 3-year appointments.

Bruce Conner                                        541-892-3147                         Term Ends 12/31/2024
Michael Hogsett                                  541-731-2345 Term Ends 12/31/2024 
Renee Lillie                                             541-430-0871 Term Ends 12/31/2024
Richard Bennewate                           503-957-3105 Term Ends 12/31/2025
Jeneen Hartley                                     612-250-9949         Term Ends 12/31/2025
Brian Biss                                                  949-374-8104 Term Ends 12/31/2025 
VACANT                                    Term Ends 12/31/2025 

Library Advisory Board - 
Meetings are held at the C. Giles Hunt Library the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 4:00pm (unless otherwise stated) in the Library Meeting Room. 541-459-9161.

These are 4-year terms.
 Vacant          Term Ends  12/31/2026
Vacant                  Term Ends 12/31/2027 
Carleen House          541-707-0274  Term Ends  12/31/2026 
Vacant           Term Ends  12/31/2026 
Kish Doyle         909-855-0093 Term Ends  12/31/2027
Nancy Anderson          541-459-9424  Term Ends  12/31/2027 
Vacant                                     Term Ends  12/31/2027 
Vacant - Alternate    Term Ends  12/31/2026

Parks Advisory Committee -

Chair, Councilor Larry Whitaker 

Meeting held normally on the 4th Thursday monthly unless there are no agenda items to discuss.
These are 2-year appointments. 

 Lynda Whitaker                                    541-643-2966 Term ends   12/31/2024
Adam Sarnoski                                     541-817-2858 Term ends   12/31/2024
Rebecca Todd Miller                            541-673-7000 Term ends   12/31/2024
Craig Hoobler                                       541-459-2697 Term ends   12/31/2025
Tabbitha Layman                                  541-643-4507            Term ends   12/31/2025
 Terry Brock                                            541-733-5164 Term ends   12/31/2025

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