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November 8, 2022 General Election will be here soon!  Candidates will be able to start the process of being placed on the 2022 General Election ballot on June 1, 2022. If you are interesting in running for office, please contact Elections Officer, Diane Harris, on or after June 1st to schedule an appointment to start the candidacy process - or 541-459-2857 ext. 207. The Mayor's position is a 2-year term, and Councilors serve a 4-year term.

Candidate Processing Timeline:
June 1, 2022 -  First day candidates can pick-up Candidate Packets (appointments required)
August 22, 2022 - Deadline to turn in signatures to City Elections Officer for submittal to Douglas County Clerk
September 2, 2022 - Last day to withdrawal from candidacy 
September 2, 2022 - Last day to submit individual Candidate Profiles with picture for City's Website. 

Results from the 2020 General Election for City of Sutherlin and updates:
During the first meeting in January 2021, we welcomed back Mayor Todd McKnight to his seat on the council to begin his fourth term as Mayor. At the June 14, 2021 Council Meeting, Mayor McKnight announced his resignation due to the fact that he and his family would be moving outside city limits. After Councilors officially declared a vacancy, Councilor Seth Vincent was appointed as Mayor to finish out Mayor McKnight's term ending December 31, 2022. At the September 13, 2021 City Council Meeting, Mayor Vincent resigned from his position in order to take advantage of a job opportunity outside of Oregon. Upon Seth's resignation, Council President, Michelle Sumner was appointed as Mayor and officially sworn in at the October 11, 2021 City Council Meeting. Councilor Debbie Hamilton was appointed as Council President with the effective date of October 11th. 

To register to vote: or if you've moved, or changed your name you will need to update your information. Please go to the following link: 

To run for office on the City of Sutherlin City Council:
You must be a resident of Sutherlin for at least 1 year, live within in the city limits and be a registered voter. More questions? 
Please refer to SMC Chapter 1.06 - Candidate Nomination for Elective Offices. The link is below. 
Information becoming a candidate:

So you want to run for Local Government

2022 Candidates Elections Manual

SMC Chapter 1.06 - Candidate Nomination for Elective Offices

Candidate Filing Procedures &  Information

Quick guide to Campaign Finance Reporting     

ORESTAR  User Guide            

Quick Reference to Oregon Public Meeting Laws

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