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For general information on City Government please go to the following link: Click here!

General Election November 5, 2024 ~~~~ Opens June 5th!
1 Mayor position and 3 Council positions will be open
** All positions are non-partisan
** All positions are volunteer / non-paid

Mayor is a 2-year term ~~ 1/13/2025 - 12/31/2026
Council is a 4-year term ~~ 1/13/25 - 12/31/2028

Qualifications and Residency Requirements:
*Be a registered voter under the laws and constitution of the State of Oregon.
*A resident of the City of Sutherlin for at least one (1) year immediately preceding the election.
*No person may be a candidate at a single election for more than one city office.
*Mayor and Council members must maintain residence within the city limits during the term of office. 

To register to vote: or if you've moved, or changed your name you will need to update your information. Please go to the following link: 

Contact Sutherlin's Election Officer, Melanie Masterfield at City Hall - located at 126 E Central Ave. @ or by phone (41) 459-2857 to schedule an appointment.

More questions? 
Please refer to SMC Chapter 1.06 - Candidate Nomination for Elective Offices. The link is below. 
Information becoming a candidate:

So you want to run for Local Government

2024 Candidates Elections Manual

SMC Chapter 1.06 - Candidate Nomination for Elective Offices

Candidate Filing Procedures &  Information

Quick guide to Campaign Finance Reporting     

ORESTAR  User Guide            

Quick Reference to Oregon Public Meeting Laws

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