Sutherlin's Mayor & Council History!

Sutherlin's Mayor & Council History!

Since the City's May 3, 1911 date of incorporation, Sutherlin's Mayor and Councilors began laying the ground work for our proud city! Many volunteer hours from both men and women in our community have been devoted to the betterment of the city and it's citizens. Click here to see the list of Mayor and Councilors who have served the city since 1911!

Click here to see an example of the Sutherlin's first meeting minutes!!

Here is some small excerpts from the May 11, 1911 minutes:
"The first order of business taken up was an ordinance establishing fire limits within the incorporated limits of the town".
"An ordinance to tax dogs was introduced for the first time for information".
Several additional ordinances were presented for the first reading or discussion:
   * Banning Stock Running at Large
   * Banning Houses of Ill-fame
   * Penalty for Disorderly Conduct
   * Defining Duties of the City Recorder

May 15, 1911 - Ordinances considered:
   * Employment of Prisoners
   * To License and Regulate Trades
   * Abating Nuisances 

Interesting facts:
   * May 1911 - Ordinance prohibiting minors from purchasing tobacco or loitering in pool halls
   * June 1911 - First fire engine was purchased for $750
   * August 1911 - Wages set for City Recorder at $25 per month and Marshall $40 per month
   * April 1912 - City's safe was purchase for $162 (safe currently located in City Hall's front office)
   * April 1912 - Low bid for construction of City Jail awarded for $690.75
   * June 1912 - Ordinance addressing sewage running into streets; outhouses in ill repair