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Water Sewer Service Info and Applications

Application for Service -Residential    Submit Application  for scan and email only
Business/Commercial Application for Service   Online Bill Pay Information
Electronic auto pay option information & sign up  


How can I reduce my water/sewer bill?
  • There are a number of ways to save water...Here's a site that gives you "100 Water-Saving Tips" more here.      
What do I do to have my water and sewer connected? Come into City Hall, we have an application you'll need to fill out, pay your deposit then the water can be turned on within a few hours. You can also go to the Documents Center and fill out the fillable PDF application and either email  or bring in to us.
  • Can I start service for water and sewer by phone?  Yes, go to the link above for the application, fill out, scan and email back to us,(  or you can fax it to (541-459-9363)  it to us. Pay your deposit by debit, or credit card then you're set to go.
  • Is there a deposit, if so, how much is the deposit?  The deposit is $100.00.  The deposit will be credited to your account after one year of no 'late charges' or should you move out, whichever comes first.  When a late fee is applied the 12 months starts over.
  • Can I pay any of these fees by debit or credit card? Yes, we accept debit card and credit cards cc logos
  • When is the water / sewer bill due each month?  The due date each month is the 15th. Bills paid after that date are subject to a $5.00 late payment fee.
  • I am currently a customer and have moved to another location within the city limits, what do I need to do to transfer my account If you have a good payment history, a new application for the new address just needs to be filled out and signed.
  • Sometimes my water smells like chlorine, why? Our water treatment plant treats the water with chlorine. Low doses of chlorine act as a disinfectant protecting you against disease-causing micro-organisms in the water.  If the chlorine taste in the water really bothers you, try filling up a pitcher of water and keeping it loosely capped in the refrigerator to use for drinking water.  Chlorine is a disloved gas and will dissipate quickly into the air.  For people who cannot tolerate chlorine due to health reasons, there are commercial products available that will remove trace amounts of chlorine.  Check in the yellow pages of your phone book under "Water Treatment Supplies".  But please make sure any device used for your drinking water is NSF approved.   [ ]
  • Is bottled water safer than tap water? Like tap water, the safety of bottled water depends both on the source of the water and what treatment it has undergone.  Bottled water is considered a food product, so it is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration.   Water utilities are regulated by the EPA.  At present, that means bottled water does not have to comply with the same strict water quality regulations that apply to the treatment of tap water.  However, recent modifications to the Safe Drinking Water Act will soon require that bottled water be tested using the same standards as those for tap water.  The use of bottled water from home treatment devices is a personal choice, which may be based on taste preferences.  If however, you use these products for health reasons, we suggest that you thoroughly research the product you are selecting to assure that it offers the level of protection you are seeking.

    Who do I call if I have questions about any of the above?   City Hall at (541) 459-2856 between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday through Friday or email at .