Due to construction delays for the Nonpareil Water Treatment Plant, the City of Sutherlin would like to inform the public that a water curtailment is being implemented EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELYPlease read the notice below, per the Oregon Administrative Rules: 

CLICK HERE for Urgent Notice Update #2 - June 1, 2023

OAR – 690-086-0160(4)

Stage 1:  Water Watch
Stage 1 (“Water Watch”) is primarily used as a means to inform and educate the public that there is a potential water supply problem. While the supply problem may not yet warrant mandatory water conservation, voluntary conservation by the water users is recommended to reduce the water demand and lessen, or possibly eliminate, the imposition of more advanced alert stage levels. Under Stage 1, the City will take the actions described below and request customers to take the described voluntary actions to reduce water use:

         1. Call for Voluntary Reduction in All Water Use
  • Limit watering of lawns, gardens, flowerbeds, or shrubbery to no more than every other day.
  • Discontinue non-commercial washing of privately-owned vehicles, trailers and boats, except from a bucket and hose-equipped with a shut-off nozzle which may be used for brief rinse.
  • Discontinue wash downs of sidewalks, driveways, patios, porches, parking areas or other paved surfaces except by public agencies only for health and safety purposes.
           Commercial / Industrial
  • Recommend all nonessential irrigation be discontinued and all necessary irrigation be done on an alternate day basis.
  • Through media or otherwise, inform all commercial and industrial customers of the conditions and restrictions of the next higher stage (No. 2 – Water Warning).
  • Prohibit washing of commercial vehicles except in a facility that recycles water.
         2. Public Outreach Promoting Conservation
  • Using leaflets, public service announcements and / or newspaper articles to promote conservation, and
  • Advising all customers of possible future curtailment steps and conditions that would require their implementation
          3. Public Agency Water Use
  • Agencies will be notified and requested to curtail water use in parks, recreational playfields, and office landscapes.
  • Fire hydrants will not be flushed unless necessary for water quality reasons.
  • City will prioritize repair of any known water leaks.
Curtailment Update Notice #1

Curtailment Update Notice #2